About Us

Adisys R&D India Pvt Ltd is a software product research and development company that offers consulting, outsourcing, and managed services.


With our vast cross-industrial knowledge and successfully proven performance diagnostics, we assist our clients to become high-performance enterprises through innovation and product development.


Our work culture is driven by our principles of ethics and integrity, and we strive for excellence.


Integrity, accountability, transparency, and high ethical and professional standards are virtues we value.


Adisys R&D India Pvt Ltd is founded on the principle of research and development, with a focus on building SAAS-based product development that solves real-world business problems with cutting-edge technologies for small, medium, and big corporate systems.

We quickly expanded our company operations and opened multiple offices in Bengaluru and Trivandrum in response to the increasing demand for software development and consulting services from overseas. We have plans to open three to four new locations in the near future as a result of our rapid expansion.

Instead of concentrating on day-to-day business operations, logistics, and technology deployments, SMBs and enterprises should concentrate on actual business solutions that increase return on investments.

Our main goal is to create a robust platform with well-defined business processes and templates. So that everyone may benefit from out-of-the-box thinking in a repeatable process that generates high business value while requiring minimal upkeep.

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Our technical goal is to handle day-to-day challenges such as business process automation, business management, and trends by leveraging an AI I-based framework and a cloud-based platform for quick growth, scaling, and capacity, allowing you to scale your business easily.

Ensure that our systems offer user accessibility, multi-device support, and multi-language support.

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Executive Team

Our senior management team has over 25 years of expertise managing all parts of technology and has managed several global teams to solve challenging problems and create business results while being on the cutting edge of technology.

Our team is made up of highly motivated technical leaders who are passionate about innovation, building and improving world-class products, and visionary cloud computing strategists and technology executives who change the game by leveraging innovation to deliver sustainable profitable growth and consistently improving margins.

Our leadership team encourages staff training, mentoring, and coaching on a regular basis, as well as bringing in industry experience. The senior management team has extensive worldwide product development experience working with teams from the United States of America and India.

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Customer Excellence

Adisys R&D India Pvt Ltd has completed more than 600 projects for customers in the United States and other countries.

Our state-of-the-art products HR HUB 360, IMS 360, IMS CRM 360, Dashboard 360, Agile SAAS based Project Management 360, Workflow 360, and Notification 360 have all been shipped from our India development office. Both open source and Microsoft technologies are used.

Customer Commitments

One of our client obligations is to provide 100 percent satisfaction; it is the essence of our company's fundamental value.

We take on roles in software development, quality assurance, service operations, operations management, and support management.

We offer our unique values to the program by giving road map directions, core expertise in product management, employing agile approaches, and ensuring that our development team in India delivers 100 percent value to the customer.

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EZRecruit was founded in 1988 and has over 180 people worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Adisys R&D India Pvt Ltd is a terrific addition to EZRecruit; we contribute technology, innovation, and EZRecruit brings industry expertise.

EZRecruit has a unique competence in human resource management, staffing, consulting, and outsourcing.

Future Vision

We are optimistic about our future because our team is increasing in double digits year after year and will continue to develop our operations in India and in the United States of America.

Our mission is to provide a great environment to work, foster diversity, and help individuals develop personally and professionally while also adding value to our clients.

Our Focus

Our Focus

  • A well-balanced engineering staff with high-quality output.
  • Equipped to deal with any problems that arise during product development and launch.
  • All maintenance and support requirements are covered by the DevOps process.
  • Utilizes a full-stack agile engineering strategy to create complete digital solutions.
  • Collaborate with clients across the world to develop product development technology.
  • Partnering with organizations to help them lead their innovative path is our mission.
  • Every time, results are delivered on time! Our bread and butter are your success.
  • Our four pillars are creativity, cost effectiveness, customer focus, and quality.
  • As we have experienced everything on our own, we work with self-derived strategies.

Meet the Team

Our staff has a distinct vision, a strong commitment to customer service, technological expertise, and a thorough understanding of the market.

Our History

  1. Adisys India Careers Launched

  2. Adoption: Committed to COVID-19 pandemic guidelines.

  3. Inauguration: New Techno Park Office

  4. Added Multiple US customers

  5. Globally Launched
    HR HUB 360

  6. Acquired : EzRecruit Bengaluru, India.

  7. Launched: Global Talent Acquisition Team.

  8. Expansion: New IDC at Trivandrum, India

  9. Grown double digit to 100+ employees.

  10. IDC, Pune Operations

  11. Globally launched EZRecruit patented technology

  12. Filed pending patent.

  13. EZRecruit trademark registered in USA

  14. Journey started with EZRecruit, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Contact Us

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